10 Reasons to Keep a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Every Room

They’ve been around for a while now, so you must have seen them, at a friend’s house, a coffee shop, or a wellness center – Himalayan salt lamps are beloved among health-conscious folk. As part of your 2022 health resolutions, you can consider introducing a couple of these wonderful accessories. But they are so much more than decorative details or mere light sources.

These lamps are packed with health perks! Here are a few to inspire you to add them to your home and reap the rewards.

a girl with a cup of coffee in bed reads a book

Improve your mood

You know that feeling when you just want to huddle in the sofa with a good book and some tea? Well, to set the tone for that ritual and to put yourself in the right mood, you can place a Himalayan salt lamp in your living room.

With the right lighting, your mood is bound to improve, and the lamp’s warm, soothing glow will help you relax for hours on end.

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Purify your indoor air

The salt in these lamps is said to absorb moisture from your indoor air, but it also absorbs and retains dust and pollution, as well as cigarette smoke.

The heat from the lamp will then allow the “trapped” water to evaporate, but the harmful particles stay in the salt. With this simple process called hygroscopy, your lamp can improve your air quality.

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Boost your sleep quality

Himalayan salt lamps have the potential to produce negative ions, which are, it turns out, positive for our sleep quality. If you keep the lamp in your room, but you find it difficult to fall asleep with any light on, you can turn them off at night, but let the ions set the stage for better sleep.

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Reduce stress and anxiety

The pandemic, complicated life events, all the way to work can all cause us stress and anxiety. That’s why we all need healthy stress relief in our lives, and these salt lamps can come to your aid. When you combine the mentioned perks and add the ones we’re about to list, you create a perfect setting for reducing stress in your life.

Better sleep, relaxing rituals, and clean air will all help you unwind, so it’s clear that the lamps have a calming impact on your mind and body.

spacious bright living room with large spaces

Setting up a calm ambiance

Even social gatherings such as quality time with friends and family can be improved with the right lighting. That said, a Himalayan salt lamp or two in the living room and dining room can create the perfect, serene atmosphere for bonding with those you love. Adding a relaxing note to your relationships is never a bad idea!

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Reducing asthma and respiratory troubles

If you have a child with asthma or you’re dealing with frequent colds and coughing, a lamp of this kind can be helpful for your respiratory system. By cleansing the air and keeping pollutants and irritants away, this lamp has the potential to reduce coughing and other respiratory symptoms related to asthma and colds.

box of wipes and nasal spray

Keep those allergies under control

Another common respiratory issue so many kids and grownups have? Pesky allergies! Whether they are caused by pollen, dust, or anything in between, Himalayan lamps can keep your indoor air cleaner. That means your allergic reactions will be under control and you can use other means such as plants and essential oils to soothe your respiratory system even more.

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Elevate your energy

Good lighting, better mood, and better sleep combined all lead to another wonderful perk: elevated energy levels in life! Of course, it takes time for this benefit to manifest, but with persistent usage of the Himalayan salt lamps in your living space and other healthy choices, you can boost your zeal.

wooden tiles with the inscription focus

Perfect for focus

As soon as you start experiencing the de-stressing potential of these lamps, you’re bound to experience another brilliant effect, and that’s better focus. With a clear, calm mind, you will be able to concentrate on your everyday tasks and improve your productivity and performance.

spacious bright dining room with large windows

Add more natural light

Thanks to their gentle pink hue, these lamps are very useful especially during the colder months of the year when you have less sunlight exposure. Their warm light is gentle for your eyes, and it gives your home a beautiful look and feel. That can be helpful if you’re dealing with seasonal affective disorder or simply feeling blue when the weather isn’t all that sunny.

When combined with other healthy decorative measures, the Himalayan salt lamps can do wonders for your wellbeing. We often need some help in alleviating stress and improving the quality of our life. Sometimes, all it takes is minor changes in your environment such as adding a few lamps here and there. If you find yourself in need of more lifestyle changes, book a consultation with us and start 2022 with the right goals in mind!

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