Detox by De-Stressing: 5 Ways to Cleanse Your Mind

As much as we love the holidays and all the wonderful family get-togethers, once you settle back into your routine (if you have one, that is), you might face feelings of emotional and mental fatigue, anxiety, and overall stress. But just like you can detox your body after the holidays to make sure your menu and your eating habits are clean, you can do the same for you mind.

In fact, why not make it one of your resolutions for this year – to pay more attention to destressing through healthy habits and rituals and to take better care of your mental health. Here’s where you can start.

a meditating girl in sportswear

Unplug, breathe, meditate

Stress often comes from the sneakiest possible places, such as the gadgets and tools we use every single day – our phones, computers, TVs, and the like. Surrounded and overwhelmed by information, sad news, not to mention notifications and messages can be too much on your mind and soul.

To slow down and give your mind some room to breathe, that’s just what you need to do – some breathing exercises that let you focus on nothing more than this fundamental bodily function. You can meditate with or without guidance, you can simply breathe, or you can play some music in the background, but unplug all other stimuli. This can help you detox from stress and reset your mind.

sneakers and exercise weights

Don’t shy away from exercise

There is no way around it – your mind, much like your body, desperately needs movement. We’re built to be active. That is why you might find yourself feeling extra sluggish, less resilient, or anxious if you’ve fallen into a rut and cannot get off the couch.

Your mental health depends on your ability to manage your sedentary lifestyle and introduce healthy activities. They help your brain produce those happy chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine, but working out also allows you to detox from stress and vent all your negativity in a healthy way.

hello vegan lunch, chia seed pudding and lemonade

Strengthen your nutrition

If you’ve read any of our articles so far, you have noticed that we always emphasize the immense importance of our nutrition in everything we do, our mental health included. If it were possible to beat anxiety with nothing more than chocolate, we’d all be at peace! However, our bodies and our minds require the kind of diversity that relies on optimal macro and micronutrient content.

If your diet lacks certain ingredients, you might face higher risk of irritability, anxiety, stress in general, hormonal imbalances, and the like. To strengthen your immune system and your brain, healthy omega-3 fatty acids such as those found in ProOmega 2000 can reinforce your diet with this brain-friendly nutrient. If you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies, you can also start adapting your diet slowly and in the meantime, rely on supplementation to stay resilient.

a glass of champagne and a candle in the bathroom

Introduce calming rituals

Managing stress requires more than preventative measures, even though some of them can help you during a crisis. You also need the right skills and tactics to apply when you’re facing immediately stressful situations that could be causing you to be anxious and mentally drained.

  • Aromatherapy can help you unwind after a stressful day – a bubble bath with Dead Sea mineral salts, or some scented candles can let your mind calm down.
  • Pick up an uplifting book that will help you shift your mindset with affirmations.
  • Create a stretching routine that can help you start the day right and wrap up your day by relaxing your tense muscles.
  • Remember meditation? Also perfect for emergency situations that can stir up anxiety, not just for prevention!

the girl writes a diary

Write it down

Diet journals can be extremely insightful and give you the right knowledge to conquer your greatest dietary fiends. Merely noting down your eating patterns, when and what you eat, provides you with the kind of information to understand your habits better.

In a similar manner, starting an emotional journal to “dump” all your daily problems, negative energy, and let your mind process whatever might be bothering you is exceptionally healthy. Writing has an immeasurable healing potential, so you can tap into it by picking up a pen and notebook (or your laptop) and by writing down your daily thoughts before bedtime.

Life is often a bundle of surprises, some of them positive and uplifting, while others can be extremely difficult to cope with. In all those situations, building your own stress management toolkit can help you protect your mental and emotional wellbeing and process difficulties in life in different, healthier ways. For added support and guidance on that journey, get in touch with us and we can come up with a functional plan to help bring more wellbeing into your life and safeguard your health.

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