Food’s Role In Detoxification

Food Is Medicine and Food Heals

What we eat can support or hinder detoxification efforts. As Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, stated: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” With that thought in mind, what diet is best while detoxifying?

First Steps of the Detox Food Plan

The Detox Food Plan is designed to support the gut and also the liver, as the liver is the hub of detoxification processes.


No Fast Food

The first step to support detoxification is to eliminate toxic foods. Processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and foods with additives and artificial sweeteners are first on the list of foods to avoid (fast food, bright yellow boxed mac and cheese, sports drinks and soda are examples). 

Realizing that food is our medicine, clean (organic, when possible) food, not in contact with plastic or other contaminating elements, and not the major food allergens (gluten-containing foods, dairy, eggs, shellfish, soy, corn, and peanuts) are foods to have to start the healing.



Key Aspects Of The Detox Food Plan

  1. Reduce food triggers;
  2. Support detoxification and elimination pathways;
  3. Phytonutrient density for optimizing gut, liver, and kidney function; 
  4. Support liver function with high-quality protein; 
  5. Lower the body burden of exposure to toxins by focusing on clean and organic foods; 
  6. Provide targeted antioxidants to support hepatic detoxification enzymes and biotransformation of toxins; and
  7. Balances hormone metabolism. 


Found on the Detox Food Plan

  1. Healthy fats and oils;
  2. Nuts and seeds;
  3. High-quality proteins;
  4. Non-starchy vegetables;
  5. Legumes;
  6. Dairy alternatives (nut and grain milks);
  7. Starchy vegetables;
  8. Fruits; and
  9. Certified gluten-free whole grains.
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Sample Meal Plan

Our tip for meal planning is to take the Food List and find the foods you enjoy. Create meals using those items you like. As you feel adventurous, try new items.

To help spark your creativity, here is a sample meal plan: 


Detox Smoothie

Breakfast: Detox Smoothie


1/2 cup berries

1-2 tablespoon Core Restore detox powder 

1 cup dark, leafy greens (e.g., arugula, broccoli leaves, collard greens, kale, watercress, etc.)

 2-3 ounces carrot juice

4 ounces green tea

1 to 2 tablespoons pomegranate juice

3 ounces tomato juice


Place all ingredients into a high-powered blender. Pulse blender a few times, then blend until desired consistency is reached.e


Lunch: Protein of choice (for example, hard cooked egg, chicken, or salmon) salad filled with a rainbow color of vegetables (such as, red bell peppers and tomatoes, shredded purple cabbage, shredded orange carrots, green spinach and kale, yellow squash, and scallions), on dark greens, mixed with cooked quinoa, garbanzo beans and pumpkin seeds, and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.


Protein Salad


Salman and vegetable dinner plate

Dinner: Poached salmon on a bed of steamed vegetables. 


Share with us your favorite detox food plan meals!

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Always get clarity and understanding…

Dianne has always help me understand the complicated issues of hypothyroidism, understanding the symptoms and long term effects. She has helped with my dietary needs and overall well being. Highly recommend if you are still feeling the symptoms even if your on traditional medications.

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I have worked with Dianne Hinton at Calmglow for 4 years. I receive calls from new patients every day. I think the best part of talking with new patients is that I give them the knowledge and hope in knowing that I–like all of Dianne’s staff–was her patient before her employee. I think that says a lot about Dianne as a practitioner. She is very compassionate and caring towards each individual patient.

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Diane Hinton saved my life!

After over a year of traditional doctors misdiagnosing and mistreating my illness, Diane immediately got it right. She identified the root cause of my illness, and I went from being chronically ill to healed and healthy in less than a year. Diane listens to and cares for her patients like no one I’ve ever known. I highly recommend her for diagnosing the true health issues, rather than just treating your symptoms.

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My husband and I just love Calmglow …

Just what is Functional Medicine?  Simply put…. I call it getting to the “cause” of a health issue. Rashes, High Pressure, Arthritis, Obesity, Insomnia, and Fatigue are a few of the issues she’s helped us with.  But what I really like best is; she doesn’t say “here, take this pill” and it’ll “treat the symptoms”.  She treats the “cause” of those symptoms so they truly go away without requiring “pills”.  Our bodies are healing, and the we feel we’re the healthiest we’ve been in a long time! What we’ve discovered about the manner in which our bodies “had been” functioning previously, from the in depth tests she recommends, was pretty astounding. We’ve learned so much since starting to see her as our practitioner, I would never choose to go back to an Allopathic doctor!