Top 10 Resolutions for a Happy & Healthy 2022

It’s that time of year again, when we start bragging about our latest health goals, only to see them unfulfilled a year later. That’s what usually happens with all our resolutions, isn’t it? Especially when they’re vague and undefined, we often fail to stick to them throughout February, let alone the entire 12 months!

That’s why selecting fewer specific and meaningful goals is always a better and smarter option. Let’s go over the kind of resolutions you can make for 2022 that will make you both happy and healthy!

the girl meditates in the park

Focus on your mental wellbeing

All our healthy habits stem from our mindset and our emotional and mental health. That’s why a great place to start in 2022 is your mental health. Choose one or several habits that battle anxiety and restore your sense of serenity and wellbeing, be it meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, or writing down affirmations.

raspberries on a teaspoon full of sugar

Reduce or ditch sugar

Instead of vague “I’ll change how I eat” resolutions, start with a simple, straightforward one: cut down your sugar intake! You can even swap sugar with healthier alternatives. It will reduce your calories every day, help with weight loss or management goals, and boost your immune system.

fruit salad on a plate with chocolate on the side

Make healthy dietary swaps

While we’re on the notion of healthy swaps, go for other specific changes such as healthy coffee alternatives that will elevate your energy and keep you going without that caffeine kick. You can also swap your sweet treat with a bowl of fresh fruit! You can turn it into a lovely little ritual that will also support improving your mental health.

orange, grapefruit and pomegranate cut in half

Reinforce your immune system

One of the simpler, yet powerful dietary changes you can make is to introduce a healthy supplement bundle such as the Fab 4, with plenty of vitamin D and healthy probiotics for more gut resilience. Such a decision can further reinforce other dietary changes you want to make – baby steps!

gratitude journal

Start a journal

To ensure consistency and to keep track of all goals, here’s a specific resolution to make sure all others stick! Start your own journal to monitor the changes in your habits and to take note of the impact on your wellbeing. As you notice your energy levels grow and your health increase, you’ll be even more motivated to keep pursuing the right healthy habits in 2022.

a cell phone screen glowing in the dark

Less screen time

We’re all suffering from some form of digital overload. We use our phones for a myriad of apps and tools, but we still love our TVs and tablets. Try this: cut your daily screen time by one hour. Then you can increase that over time, as you adjust your behavior accordingly.

flower market in the spring

Choose seasonal and local

In addition to ditching sugar, here’s another meaningful dietary swap you can make that’s specific and targeted: switch to seasonal and local foods. They are loaded with nutrients and much more eco-friendly, so you can improve your entire lifestyle.

a guy in red sneakers climbs the blue stairs

Start small with fitness

Just like “losing weight” and “eating better” are too vague, so is “I’ll get fit.” Make your fitness about small, meaningful changes such as taking the stairs, walking lunches, working at a standing desk, or signing up for weekly yoga to lead a less sedentary life. Make your fitness resolution extremely specific and unique to you.

the cat sleeps wrapped in a blanket

Improve your sleep quality

Poor sleep means more cravings and more trouble with your health. That’s why you should start the New Year with one clear goal: sleep better and sleep consistently! Create a sleep routine with soothing habits such as lighting scented candles and reading a book, and a schedule that will help you boost your wellbeing.

a large group of friends on the beach at sunset

Quality time with your loved ones

It’s good for your mental wellbeing, but also great for your overall health – spending quality time with the people you love can be one of the most realistic 2022 goals. Even if the pandemic persists, you can get creative and use tools like Zoom to stay in touch and have meaningful video calls.

Life may take you by surprise from time to time, but creating some smaller, more manageable goals can help you face those challenges with more resilience and determination. If you’d like some help and guidance on that journey as we enter 2022, you can book a consultation with us and we’ll make sure you’re on the right track!


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