Top 5 Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Some serve it as a regular part of their family meals, others prepare multiple batches from the same bones – broth is a beloved food, remedy, and an old tradition in many cultures that know how to tend for their wellbeing. The beauty of this delicious beverage is that it is brimming with health perks!

From boosting your immune system thanks to so many vitamins and minerals seeping from the bones and connective tissue, all the way to healing your gut, broth can be a wonderful addition to your diet. Here’s what you can expect your daily dose of broth to do for your health.

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Fight chronic inflammation

Bone broth is packed with amino acids, some of which have gut-healing properties, helping you battle chronic inflammation and different inflammatory gut diseases that come with it. For example, glutamine is present in bone broth, and consuming it helps fight leaky gut syndrome.

These anti-inflammatory amino acids can help protect your gut long term, if you consume bone broth regularly. In one fell swoop, bone broth helps you defeat one major underlying cause of so many different chronic diseases!

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Keep your bones and joints strong

Combine the high calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, collagen, and glucosamine content in bone broth, and you have the perfect potion for keeping your bones, ligaments, and your joints strong and sturdy. In protecting your bones and connective tissue through better nutrition, you also decrease your risk of developing diseases such as osteoarthritis.

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Improve your collagen intake

In addition to helping you keep your bones strong and connective tissue resilient, collagen is a crucial component of bone broth that contributes to other aspects of your wellness. It rejuvenates your skin, it helps prevent premature ageing, and it protects your heart and your gut.

In case you’re struggling with consuming enough bone broth to boost your collagen intake through food, you can introduce reinforcements such as CollaGen and combine with occasional broth consumption for best results.

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Boost your protein intake

In case you don’t rely on meat and dairy for your protein intake, bone broth can be the perfect solution for upping your protein intake. The healthy amino acids found in bones and connective tissue can help you get enough protein in your daily meals without turning to meat or dairy.

More healthy protein in your diet will help you balance your energy levels, help you manage your bodyweight (and even lose weight if that’s your goal), and reduce unhealthy cravings.

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Leverage broth’s wonderful nutrient content

We’ve already listed some impressive nutrients found in bone broth. Add to those, broth contains selenium, vitamin K, vitamin A, zinc, iron, and manganese, among vitamins and minerals essential for your immune system and wellbeing.

This kind of nutrient density can help you create a balanced eating regime that wards off unnecessary inflammation as well as chronic health troubles. Less stress on your body means that you can focus on improving the quality of your life and start making other healthy decisions with ease.


Bone broth is a simple, yet delicious way to enrich your dietary habits and support your health goals. If you’re dealing with a chronic health condition, however, merely altering one item on your menu won’t be enough to help you heal. Set up an appointment with our functional medicine experts, and you can count on a tailor-made plan adapted to your needs.

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